And breathe…

It’s been a decent couple of weeks since I posted last.

I’m going next week to get the patchy bits of my tattoo gone over because I was bleeding too much for him to finish the tattoo completely.

Also, my diet is going ok. After a week of not eating as many carbs, two outfits fitted me that had looked too tight before. I’m continuing this week and tonight I made a chicken, broccoli and green bean stir fry. It was so yum! and had no carbs so it didn’t make me bloated. Tomorrow I’m going to cook the same again but with bean sprouts and sugar snap peas aswell. 4 of my 5 a day right there!

I began college on monday! I’m doing theatrical and special effects hair and media makeup. That’s a mouthful! Also I’m doing a night course in body massage.

Monday for my main course we just did introduction stuff because the rooms we’re going to be working in haven’t finished being built yet. So we did no real work, but you never usually do on the first day of a new course.

I then went home for a few hours before my night course began. First lesson and we learned back massage! I’m very happy that we’re getting on with it and my group is really nice. I’m happy with the group I’m in. Not as happy with the group for my makeup course but hopefully that’ll get better.

I then had tuesday and wednesday off on my timetable which is pretty awesome. I’m back in tomorrow and friday. Tomorrow morning is functional skills but hopefully I won’t need to stay in for that because I’ve already got my level 2 adult numeracy and literacy. In the afternoon we’re in hairdressing so probably going to be doing some funky hairstyles. Then friday is our first full day of practical. I really can’t wait to get going with all that!

My job is going great. I’ve not been there a month yet but I worked in another store on sunday. That made me happy that my store feels confident enough to let me go work in another store. So yeah. I’m trying to get as many extra hours as I can because I want money. I can’t wait for my first pay! It’s not for another two weeks so I’m running on empty at the moment. Not really been out because I’ve been so skint but I’m going out this saturday because it’s been a while. Then I’m not sure if I’ll be out again before I get paid. We’ll have to see if I can magic money from anywhere 😛

Life’s going pretty good for me at the moment and it’s consistent too. I like that!



Well I went out on saturday night (epic night by the way) and stayed at my friends, went home briefly to get food shopping with my dad then went back to my friend’s house to stay again. Got on the bus on monday to go home and realised I didn’t have my house keys with me. Had to stay at my friend’s house until today with no clean clothes or anything you’d need day-to-day. Good job I didn’t have college or anything because there was no way I could get in my house (safely).

I’ve just got home tonight but my diet went out the window for the week, so did my running. My diet is back on from tonight onwards but the running is off for a couple of weeks because I can’t wear my sports bra because I decided to get a new tattoo yesterday and it’s in a really awkward place and I have to wear stupid bandeau bras until it’s healed otherwise the scabs will rub off too soon. Guess the tattoo 😛

So yeah, I’ll just have to walk around a lot in the next few weeks until it’s healed. Then I’ll get back to running. Hopefully if I eat less calories and still walk more then it’ll work and I’ll lose a bit of weight anyway. Also, I’m skint at the moment so I’ll be drinking less so therefore might lose a bit more. But I’d rather eat less so I can keep drinking and having fun on saturday nights. Hmmm…. I reckon I’ll walk into town tomorrow. Sort this little podge out before it becomes a big podge 😛 Also think I’m going to buy a hula hoop. I love those things!

The day before I start work ;)

Well it’s one day before I start training but that’s sort of work right? I’m going with yes because it excites me! 😀

Today has put life into perspective for me. This time last year was my A-level results day and wow I didn’t give a crap about my A-level results but I went in to get them anyway. I then said bye to that crappy college for ever. I was in a long term relationship, at that point I was happy. I had no idea what I was doing with my life though. I hadn’t started my beauty therapy course but I had applied for it I think. I was waiting to hear back from the new college. I hadn’t started my driving lessons yet. I was arguing really badly with my dad, being at home was horrible really. Life wasn’t really spot on at all and I definately wouldn’t have said I was happy at that point.

Fast forward to today… I broke up an almost 3 year relationship… I broke it up which is something I never thought I’d ever ever be able to do. I’ve got my NVQ level 2 qualification and I’m currently waiting to hear about enrolling for my level 3. My dad got a new job at the end of last year which means he works away from monday-friday which is perfect and we argue a lot less these days. I have a full driving license. It took me 7 months from starting my lessons until I got it. I’m quite proud of that really. I’ve now got a job after being unemployed for nearly 2 years. I go out every weekend and I absolutely love it. There’s not really anything in my life that I’m unhappy with. I feel amazing these days and it doesn’t feel like much more could happen for it to be just perfect for me. I want to get onto my level 3 course, I also want to do a massage course on a monday night if my timetables don’t clash. I want to do lots of work experience for my theatrical makeup course. I want to do so well in my new job that they want me for lots of extra shifts. More shifts= more money 😀 I simply love life right now and it couldn’t be any more opposite from what it was this time last year. Wowza, this is why you need to just try and get through things because it does come out ok at the other end and it only took me 12 months… At least it wasn’t 12 years :)!

PLUS I’m still doing well on my diet… had some sneaky nachos for my lunch though but I think I’m going to go for a run soon. I’m going for a drink or two tonight but not until later so I can run first. Then I’ll feel great :)!


Not even going to pretend! :D


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Words can’t explain how happy I am right now! Training on friday then I’m working on saturday. Argh :D!

I’m so relieved to FINALLY have a job. My first job since…. 2010! Jeeeeez. This one is perfect! I’m going to get paid for doing something I love…. products everywhereeeeeeee!

Ahh I’ll go now because I won’t say anything that makes sense. Just constant smiley faces!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Ugh dieting

Yeah I’m one of ‘those’. A dieter 😛

I’m not happy with the way I look at the moment so I’ve started to diet. Today is day 2 and for me, that’s a long lasting diet! My old idea of a diet was to just not eat… It worked but obviously wasn’t healthy. This time I’m trying to do it somewhat more sensibly.

Yesterday I had two salad wraps, a bowl of cereal and a salad bagel.

I’m not impressed with yesterday because I eat too many carbs. So today was day 2 of my diet but I’ve improved it. I’m only allowed carbs in one meal a day so if I have toast for breakfast I can’t have bread, rice, pasta or potatoes for the rest of the day.

This morning I had scrambled eggs on toast. I didn’t have time for lunch but I’ve just got home and I had a bowl of sultana bran with a fat free cherry yoghurt instead of milk.

My tea later on will be lettuce, cucumber, onion, red pepper and tomatoes with natural yoghurt. Not in a wrap since I had toast for breakfast. So just salad on a plate. I don’t really eat meat so there’s no added anything.

My biggest trouble is snacking. I don’t usually eat three meals a day, I usually just snack for the whole day, sort of constantly. I’ve bought chewing gum and between meals I chew that so that I still feel like I’m eating but I’m not :)!

I bought a skipping rope and an exercise mat today also, so I’ll be making myself useful instead of sitting on my laptop all night, every night. I want to weigh myself to keep track of if I’m losing weight but that’s how I began to have issues last time so I will just have to base it on how good I feel when I look in the mirror. 

I think I’m going running a couple of times a week with my friend aswell which will be good and pass an hour or two per evening. I am walking more places and I’ve stopped eating nachos which I crave constantly lol. I’m quite serious about it this time which is why I think it’s working and yes it’s only been two days but like I said before, 2 days is pretty good for me and for me to not snack for two days is WOWZA.

So that’s the diet! Lots of salad and only one lot of carbs per day as well as no nachos 😦 I’m having a mega nacho pig out once a month though, absolutely not cutting them out completely!

I’m quite cranky at the moment because I’m waiting to hear about this job. I should find out tomorrow but since my interview on saturday I’ve been really on edge 😦 I so so so badly want the job and I’m going to be gutted if I don’t get it.

I don’t even have comfort food anymore! haha

Wish me luck!

So most of you presumably know I used to do a product review blog. It faded away because I’m busy with everything else in life now. But my love of products has never gone.


…. Tomorrow I have a job interview at Boots. I would abbbbbsolutely love to get that job more than I’ve ever wanted a job before. I don’t think they could hire anyone who would try harder than me lol. It would be perfect for me and they’d get so much out of me. I just hope that comes across tomorrow. I’m nervous because of how badly I want the job and I so so so hope I get it. Eeeeeek!


Please please keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for me at 1pm tomorrow because I want this so badly.

Home alone

I had a nightmare last night that someone broke in and was going to attack me but woke up before anything happened. I woke up in the middle of the night in the same empty house that was in my nightmare. I already worry about that happening and that really didn’t make me feel any better.

I’m lay in bed now and I’m getting tired but I’m feeling really scared right now. Not that I’ll dream about it again but I’m scared it’ll actually happen. I’m feeling genuinely scared, not even just a bit iffy. I don’t get like this often but when I do, I’m just basically petrified. I don’t know what to do and I’ve not really got anywhere to go at the moment. I feel so pathetic when I get like this. I hate it though :/ Really really hate it.

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