And breathe…

It’s been a decent couple of weeks since I posted last.

I’m going next week to get the patchy bits of my tattoo gone over because I was bleeding too much for him to finish the tattoo completely.

Also, my diet is going ok. After a week of not eating as many carbs, two outfits fitted me that had looked too tight before. I’m continuing this week and tonight I made a chicken, broccoli and green bean stir fry. It was so yum! and had no carbs so it didn’t make me bloated. Tomorrow I’m going to cook the same again but with bean sprouts and sugar snap peas aswell. 4 of my 5 a day right there!

I began college on monday! I’m doing theatrical and special effects hair and media makeup. That’s a mouthful! Also I’m doing a night course in body massage.

Monday for my main course we just did introduction stuff because the rooms we’re going to be working in haven’t finished being built yet. So we did no real work, but you never usually do on the first day of a new course.

I then went home for a few hours before my night course began. First lesson and we learned back massage! I’m very happy that we’re getting on with it and my group is really nice. I’m happy with the group I’m in. Not as happy with the group for my makeup course but hopefully that’ll get better.

I then had tuesday and wednesday off on my timetable which is pretty awesome. I’m back in tomorrow and friday. Tomorrow morning is functional skills but hopefully I won’t need to stay in for that because I’ve already got my level 2 adult numeracy and literacy. In the afternoon we’re in hairdressing so probably going to be doing some funky hairstyles. Then friday is our first full day of practical. I really can’t wait to get going with all that!

My job is going great. I’ve not been there a month yet but I worked in another store on sunday. That made me happy that my store feels confident enough to let me go work in another store. So yeah. I’m trying to get as many extra hours as I can because I want money. I can’t wait for my first pay! It’s not for another two weeks so I’m running on empty at the moment. Not really been out because I’ve been so skint but I’m going out this saturday because it’s been a while. Then I’m not sure if I’ll be out again before I get paid. We’ll have to see if I can magic money from anywhere 😛

Life’s going pretty good for me at the moment and it’s consistent too. I like that!


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  1. Pete Howorth
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 23:57:52

    Yay!! I got a job today too for a company called CSC.


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