Life goes on

Well my so called best friend still hasn’t spoken to me so I guess she can’t have been that much of a true friend. Maybe one day she’ll get her head out of her arse but also, possibly not. Her loss not mine.
I’m so glad I’m back home and back to the life I was enjoying. However I ended up in A+E on my second night home.
I went out on saturday as usual and had a couple of drinks. In one of the pubs I fell down 3 stairs (which is a usual occurence because I’m a clumsy person who wears heels) but reeeeally messed up my leg. I thought I had broken my shin because a huuuge lump appeared within 30 seconds of falling. I spent 4 hours in A+E and got an x-ray and nothing was broken. The swelling is pressing on a nerve so one half of my leg is numb (still) and it’s possibly nerve damage. Also something about damaged blood vessels. A lot of bruising and grazing but nothing broken. I’m out on thursday again but at least if I fall this time then I won’t feel it as much because half my leg is still numb 😀
Maybe I should reconsider my choice of footwear…. Bazinga 😉

Apart from stupid little girls ignoring me, life is back to good and I’m off to manchester for the day on thursday with one of my oldest and closest friends then coming back and rushing to get ready to go out with one of my other friends. Life is good! 🙂


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