3 days to go

I’m getting really impatient now! I’ve had lots to do the past few days so it’s been keeping me mega busy but today I decided to cancel all my plans minus ones where the people are coming to my house so that I can do my washing and pack. I have left most things until now and I can’t have anything left to do the day before I go so I’ve got today and tomorrow to sort everything.

It feels really weird because I’m starting to say my goodbyes to people. I’m potentially coming back after a month and a week but if we get jobs then we’re staying out there as long as we can. We don’t have a definate coming back date nor do we have a return flight booked yet so I’m feeling really weird at the moment.

Since becoming single I’ve made so many new friends and there’s a hell of a lot of people I’m going to miss. I’m going to miss going out every weekend and seeing lots of people I know and making yet more new friends. I’m really living the life at the moment and it doesn’t feel 100% great that I’m leaving. However it will give me space from everything back home so that when I come back I’ll feel refreshed and ready to get a full time job for a while.

I really can’t wait though because of how many new people I’ll meet over there. Whether or not I keep in contact with 2 or 20, I can’t wait for what this adventure may bring.

Babbling at the moment because I’m feeling quite restless. Better go pack!



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