The day before I start work ;)

Well it’s one day before I start training but that’s sort of work right? I’m going with yes because it excites me! 😀

Today has put life into perspective for me. This time last year was my A-level results day and wow I didn’t give a crap about my A-level results but I went in to get them anyway. I then said bye to that crappy college for ever. I was in a long term relationship, at that point I was happy. I had no idea what I was doing with my life though. I hadn’t started my beauty therapy course but I had applied for it I think. I was waiting to hear back from the new college. I hadn’t started my driving lessons yet. I was arguing really badly with my dad, being at home was horrible really. Life wasn’t really spot on at all and I definately wouldn’t have said I was happy at that point.

Fast forward to today… I broke up an almost 3 year relationship… I broke it up which is something I never thought I’d ever ever be able to do. I’ve got my NVQ level 2 qualification and I’m currently waiting to hear about enrolling for my level 3. My dad got a new job at the end of last year which means he works away from monday-friday which is perfect and we argue a lot less these days. I have a full driving license. It took me 7 months from starting my lessons until I got it. I’m quite proud of that really. I’ve now got a job after being unemployed for nearly 2 years. I go out every weekend and I absolutely love it. There’s not really anything in my life that I’m unhappy with. I feel amazing these days and it doesn’t feel like much more could happen for it to be just perfect for me. I want to get onto my level 3 course, I also want to do a massage course on a monday night if my timetables don’t clash. I want to do lots of work experience for my theatrical makeup course. I want to do so well in my new job that they want me for lots of extra shifts. More shifts= more money 😀 I simply love life right now and it couldn’t be any more opposite from what it was this time last year. Wowza, this is why you need to just try and get through things because it does come out ok at the other end and it only took me 12 months… At least it wasn’t 12 years :)!

PLUS I’m still doing well on my diet… had some sneaky nachos for my lunch though but I think I’m going to go for a run soon. I’m going for a drink or two tonight but not until later so I can run first. Then I’ll feel great :)!



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