Life goes on

Well my so called best friend still hasn’t spoken to me so I guess she can’t have been that much of a true friend. Maybe one day she’ll get her head out of her arse but also, possibly not. Her loss not mine.
I’m so glad I’m back home and back to the life I was enjoying. However I ended up in A+E on my second night home.
I went out on saturday as usual and had a couple of drinks. In one of the pubs I fell down 3 stairs (which is a usual occurence because I’m a clumsy person who wears heels) but reeeeally messed up my leg. I thought I had broken my shin because a huuuge lump appeared within 30 seconds of falling. I spent 4 hours in A+E and got an x-ray and nothing was broken. The swelling is pressing on a nerve so one half of my leg is numb (still) and it’s possibly nerve damage. Also something about damaged blood vessels. A lot of bruising and grazing but nothing broken. I’m out on thursday again but at least if I fall this time then I won’t feel it as much because half my leg is still numb 😀
Maybe I should reconsider my choice of footwear…. Bazinga 😉

Apart from stupid little girls ignoring me, life is back to good and I’m off to manchester for the day on thursday with one of my oldest and closest friends then coming back and rushing to get ready to go out with one of my other friends. Life is good! 🙂


Biggest fail of the year…

Well Portugal went tits up and I came home after 6 nights. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Some things happened and I didn’t feel safe being there anymore. Got a flight home. Thing is, my best friend is now mega mega pissed off at me because she didn’t want to stay on her own so she left too. I’ve got crappy heartburn and feeling sick from being stressed out and I now don’t know what to do with life!

I’m back to my friends who have ‘got my back’ and my oh-so-beautifully comfy double bed so for tonight I’ll happily starfish and hope that now I’m back home, the heartburn and sicky feeling will go and tomorrow night I can have a great night out with some proper friends.

*sigh*  I am so gutted it didn’t work out though.

3 days to go

I’m getting really impatient now! I’ve had lots to do the past few days so it’s been keeping me mega busy but today I decided to cancel all my plans minus ones where the people are coming to my house so that I can do my washing and pack. I have left most things until now and I can’t have anything left to do the day before I go so I’ve got today and tomorrow to sort everything.

It feels really weird because I’m starting to say my goodbyes to people. I’m potentially coming back after a month and a week but if we get jobs then we’re staying out there as long as we can. We don’t have a definate coming back date nor do we have a return flight booked yet so I’m feeling really weird at the moment.

Since becoming single I’ve made so many new friends and there’s a hell of a lot of people I’m going to miss. I’m going to miss going out every weekend and seeing lots of people I know and making yet more new friends. I’m really living the life at the moment and it doesn’t feel 100% great that I’m leaving. However it will give me space from everything back home so that when I come back I’ll feel refreshed and ready to get a full time job for a while.

I really can’t wait though because of how many new people I’ll meet over there. Whether or not I keep in contact with 2 or 20, I can’t wait for what this adventure may bring.

Babbling at the moment because I’m feeling quite restless. Better go pack!


Friday the 13th

Today wasn’t insanely horrible but a few things didn’t go the way I wanted. But then again… a few things did. I can’t go into what went wrong because I still have my dignity on this blog hahah but what went right??

  • I went to see Magic Mike…. Channing Tatum and Alex Petyfer- What could have gone wrong with that?! *wipes drool*
  • I went shopping and found the leggin(g?)s that I wanted and they fit and looked good 😛
  • I also found the playsuit I’ve wanted for aaaaages in the sale AND my friend bought it for me… WIN WIN!

So lots went good for me today that didn’t have to and I’m not going to focus on the things that went wrong because otherwise Friday the 13th will become a date that I don’t look forward to. I want it to be just like every other day. Which it was.

I have a genuine question though and I’m going to put it on the forum too, however, I’m not sure how stupid I’m going to sound but I need to know the answer.

Does anyone know if you can fly in an airplane while wearing fancy dress? Are there security issues or any sort of rules that will mean that when I get to the airport I’ll get turned away for my flight? Me and my friend are going in fancy dress. Nothing that covers our faces. Nothing that covers much really xD No, it’s not too bad but it doesn’t cover my face or stops me from being identified so I wouldn’t think there would be a security issue but I have no idea if they have any rules about what you wear while flying :S


Full set of teeth!

I’m currently soaking my denture for 15 minutes as directed. I now have a denture… at 20 😦 At least I didn’t get it when I was 19… I’m slightly older than I could have been 😀

I don’t like it though… I can’t eat comfortably with it in which sucks because I’m a grazer so unless I get used to it, I will be taking it out a hell of a lot. I really do want to get used to it because I can look at photos from a night out and not try to identify my gap in each one. *sigh*

I’m down to single digits for my Portugal countdown! It’s too exciting! I wonder how much more excited I can get before I explode… It doesn’t feel real still that I’m going back, and for over a month. ARGH! 😀

Just had a thought today that my life is so insanely epic right now. It’s not all going perfectly and there’s confusion and frustration about a lot of things but there isn’t anything at all that I would change. That’s when you know you’re happy :)!

Also, I can’t believe how quickly time goes by when you’ve got your days filled. I have my days absolutely filled between now and the day I go. I don’t have one day free which means it’s going to come as quick as I hoped 😀 I must make sure I find time to finish packing and do all the washing I have to do. Eeeek!

Dream on!

There was this guy I had seen around my town/city for a long time and I was ridiculously attracted to him. Whenever I went past him I would think “NOM” and if I was with someone I’d point him out.
I went out last night and I saw him and thanks to a little help from vodka I spoke to him. Cue the comparing of tattoos and past piercings and BAM he kissed me. I felt beyond privilaged to be kissed by him hahah. I felt like a proper little teen girl but I couldn’t get over it.
Ahhh… Love life!


This time in two weeks I’ll be on the plane on the way to Portugal 😀 This is amazing! I can’t believe how close it is!

I feel really restless today.

I weighed my case and it’s at 14kg… maximum is 15kg. So now I’m worrying I won’t have the room. I’m putting shoes into my hand luggage, that’ll get rid of a kg or two.

…. Just tipped a glass of water all over my desk, cue frantic rush to dry electrical products. Grrr. Done!

I’m usually honest in this blog because I want to get my thoughts out somewhere and there’s no point in doing that if I’m going to hold back. Well I do hold back on inappropriate info haha but not my feelings. Except now there’s something happening and I’m not sure where it’s going to go or what’s going to happen and I’m yet to tell anyone so here goes. I wanted to go to Portugal as a single person and not have to worry about anyone so I’ve been determined not to let anyone gain much of an insight into my life and possibly get a connection. I’ve gone wrong. I’ve met someone (I’ll call him A). I’ve been out with him for an afternoon at Bridlington and we had a great time and he knows a hell of a lot about me. Nothing is going to happen though because he’s got a girlfriend. Big issue there. I’ve got strong feelings about anything involving a person who is committed and I am trying really hard. However, I’ve never felt this way about someone who was in a relationship so I made that opinion in ignorance. I spent 3 years barely making any new friends in case anything like that happened and becoming single I could talk to whoever I wanted. Except I want to talk to him. I really don’t know what’s going on. Well, I guess it’s nothing really. I’m still going to Portugal. I’m still going to have an amazing time but yet again I’ll have someone in the back of my mind. This was not meant to happen.

I’m meant to be meeting up with someone on sunday and I told A about it the other day and yesterday he told me ‘you don’t have to do it.’ in reference to Mr. Sunday. He doesn’t like what’s about to happen. I said ‘if you can’t have me no one can?’ and he said ‘yes’…. So now I’m really confused. I’ve gone from doing as I please to now thinking about someone elses feelings again. But he has a girlfriend so I can’t be expected to wait around just in case he decides I’m worth it. Maybe that’s what he’s expecting. He’s confused aswell because he’s not felt it before either and he’s trying to block it out but he can’t. Wow this is weird. It’s nice to connect with someone and feel like you’ve known them forever when just spending a few days talking to them and one afternoon with them. I’ve never wanted to split up a relationship and I didn’t think I was ready to be in a relationship again after being tied down for 3 years. Except now I find myself wondering how his weekend will turn out (he’s visiting his girlfriend who lives 45 miles away) now he’s got me in his head. I find myself wondering what I’ll miss out on when I go to Portugal. I decided not to text him while he’s there. I do want him to have a good time and I don’t want him to be texting me when he should be spending him with her. I wonder how this will turn out. Jeeez. I had a simple life for 2 months following the breakup and then someone else comes along and it begins all over again. Except this one is off limits. I know that and I want to respect that. I just wish I didn’t have to.

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