Ugh dieting

Yeah I’m one of ‘those’. A dieter 😛

I’m not happy with the way I look at the moment so I’ve started to diet. Today is day 2 and for me, that’s a long lasting diet! My old idea of a diet was to just not eat… It worked but obviously wasn’t healthy. This time I’m trying to do it somewhat more sensibly.

Yesterday I had two salad wraps, a bowl of cereal and a salad bagel.

I’m not impressed with yesterday because I eat too many carbs. So today was day 2 of my diet but I’ve improved it. I’m only allowed carbs in one meal a day so if I have toast for breakfast I can’t have bread, rice, pasta or potatoes for the rest of the day.

This morning I had scrambled eggs on toast. I didn’t have time for lunch but I’ve just got home and I had a bowl of sultana bran with a fat free cherry yoghurt instead of milk.

My tea later on will be lettuce, cucumber, onion, red pepper and tomatoes with natural yoghurt. Not in a wrap since I had toast for breakfast. So just salad on a plate. I don’t really eat meat so there’s no added anything.

My biggest trouble is snacking. I don’t usually eat three meals a day, I usually just snack for the whole day, sort of constantly. I’ve bought chewing gum and between meals I chew that so that I still feel like I’m eating but I’m not :)!

I bought a skipping rope and an exercise mat today also, so I’ll be making myself useful instead of sitting on my laptop all night, every night. I want to weigh myself to keep track of if I’m losing weight but that’s how I began to have issues last time so I will just have to base it on how good I feel when I look in the mirror. 

I think I’m going running a couple of times a week with my friend aswell which will be good and pass an hour or two per evening. I am walking more places and I’ve stopped eating nachos which I crave constantly lol. I’m quite serious about it this time which is why I think it’s working and yes it’s only been two days but like I said before, 2 days is pretty good for me and for me to not snack for two days is WOWZA.

So that’s the diet! Lots of salad and only one lot of carbs per day as well as no nachos 😦 I’m having a mega nacho pig out once a month though, absolutely not cutting them out completely!

I’m quite cranky at the moment because I’m waiting to hear about this job. I should find out tomorrow but since my interview on saturday I’ve been really on edge 😦 I so so so badly want the job and I’m going to be gutted if I don’t get it.

I don’t even have comfort food anymore! haha


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