Well I went out on saturday night (epic night by the way) and stayed at my friends, went home briefly to get food shopping with my dad then went back to my friend’s house to stay again. Got on the bus on monday to go home and realised I didn’t have my house keys with me. Had to stay at my friend’s house until today with no clean clothes or anything you’d need day-to-day. Good job I didn’t have college or anything because there was no way I could get in my house (safely).

I’ve just got home tonight but my diet went out the window for the week, so did my running. My diet is back on from tonight onwards but the running is off for a couple of weeks because I can’t wear my sports bra because I decided to get a new tattoo yesterday and it’s in a really awkward place and I have to wear stupid bandeau bras until it’s healed otherwise the scabs will rub off too soon. Guess the tattoo 😛

So yeah, I’ll just have to walk around a lot in the next few weeks until it’s healed. Then I’ll get back to running. Hopefully if I eat less calories and still walk more then it’ll work and I’ll lose a bit of weight anyway. Also, I’m skint at the moment so I’ll be drinking less so therefore might lose a bit more. But I’d rather eat less so I can keep drinking and having fun on saturday nights. Hmmm…. I reckon I’ll walk into town tomorrow. Sort this little podge out before it becomes a big podge 😛 Also think I’m going to buy a hula hoop. I love those things!


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