Full set of teeth!

I’m currently soaking my denture for 15 minutes as directed. I now have a denture… at 20 😦 At least I didn’t get it when I was 19… I’m slightly older than I could have been 😀

I don’t like it though… I can’t eat comfortably with it in which sucks because I’m a grazer so unless I get used to it, I will be taking it out a hell of a lot. I really do want to get used to it because I can look at photos from a night out and not try to identify my gap in each one. *sigh*

I’m down to single digits for my Portugal countdown! It’s too exciting! I wonder how much more excited I can get before I explode… It doesn’t feel real still that I’m going back, and for over a month. ARGH! 😀

Just had a thought today that my life is so insanely epic right now. It’s not all going perfectly and there’s confusion and frustration about a lot of things but there isn’t anything at all that I would change. That’s when you know you’re happy :)!

Also, I can’t believe how quickly time goes by when you’ve got your days filled. I have my days absolutely filled between now and the day I go. I don’t have one day free which means it’s going to come as quick as I hoped 😀 I must make sure I find time to finish packing and do all the washing I have to do. Eeeek!


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