I had to beg the security woman at Tesco to let me use the toilet. I told her I have a water infection and she said “the excuses people use!” and I promised her I had a water infection. So glad she let me go in the end!

I bought a big bag of ready salted crisps and now I’m homewith my best friend and we’re watching 40 year old virgin while we eat and drink water to sober up! I have to be up at 9am 😦 its now 3:19 and the film just started!


I have a new follower… woot! Poor you 😉 I write so much crap and thats even when I’m sober. I’m now drunk but have been drinking water foraaaaages but I’ve still not sobered up. There are so many idiots about  but oh well! I’ll play them at their own games! I gained 3 numbers tonight… none of which I’ll speak to again hahah ahhhh .


I have to drink water but possibly not 4 litres… maybe I have drank 4 litres… I have drank 5 glasses when out and now I’m home I’m on my first glass. I’ll drink at least one more after this before I go to sleep… I don’t want a hangover tomorrow… well in the morning.



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