It’s actually really properly happening!

Today I paid off the accomodation for Portugal. It was a hell of a lot and I’m so relieved that it’s finally paid off and I can save anything I get for spending money now. I’m not going with much spending money but me and my bestie bought soup and packet mash today so if we run out of money then at least we still have a roof over our head and some food 😀 I can’t wait for this adventure. It’s going to be insane no matter which way it turns out.

My dad is buying my travel insurance this weekend then all I need to do is pack… which as you know, I already started but now I need to take things out because I still have to function here for the next 2 weeks but I forgot that in my excitement 😦

I’m going out tonight with one of my oldest friends and I’m quite looking forward to that, however what if no guys come and talk to me because I’m stood with another guy? Grrr… he better not cramp my style 😛 Really happy to be going back out again even though I should be saving every penny but oh well!

Had some blood tests today and they couldn’t get in on my left arm so the nurse got another (better) nurse in and she went in the big long vein that goes all the way up your inner arm… she didn’t even go in at my elbow! Then I went blotchy which happens when I get nervous 😦 Now I’m bruised. Silly people!

I’m not blonde anymore! I decided because it was platinum blonde that it’ll look tacky when I get a tan in Portugal so I have re-coloured it but it’s a coppery brown. I really like it, except it didn’t take too well to my lengths so I’ll have another go this week but it looks nice still and it means when my dark roots come through, it doesn’t look as bad as platinum blonde with dark brown roots xD Ahh happy times!

End of my babble :)!


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