Where are you auto-save???

I have been trying to pass time today because I’m excited about Portugal again so I decided to play Sims 3 because I get lost in the time for that. So I’ve been playing it for hours and my computer decided to switch itself off… and I hadn’t saved the same once 😦 Not even once! I have to start it all again. I’m gutted. I do it all the time… I never think to save it. I am going to start all over again but I’m going to investigate first to see if there’s an auto-save thingy that will save the game for me. *sigh*


Also… Going back to brown hair tomorrow after a year of being a blonde 😦 I reeeeally love being blonde but it’s very very blonde and it’s unnatural so will look very tacky when I get a tan in Portugal so I’m dying it back brown and I hope I like it. I probably won’t because I want to still be blonde but that’s ruining my hair so it’s best all round if I go brown.

Not that any of you care… I talk so much shit xD hahaha


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pete Howorth
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 00:13:20

    Haha you’re like the queen of randomness. I admit though when I need to pass time I’ll fire up Age of Empires and have a quick death match, next thing I know 4 hours has gone by. How is that possible?


    • joelyroely
      Jul 04, 2012 @ 00:33:25

      I have lots of random thoughts going through my head. But yeah I think it’s the magic of PC games :)! I gave up in the end because my computer kept turning itself off. But it passed the time like ot neede to πŸ˜€


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