This month WAAAAAAAH

It’s past midnight so I can now say that I go to Portugal this month! :D!!!! ARGHHHHHH! If I wasn’t hyper already then that’s tipped me over the edge.

I’ve been ill since tuesday evening and in bed most of the time whereas usually I’m out and about most of the time, just in bed to sleep. So now it’s saturday night and I’m usually out and definately drunk by this time (the joys of being an absolute light-weight) making new friends and saying hello to friends I previously made in other weeks. Arghh I won’t say I wish I was out right now because it’s good that I’ve been ill this week and I’ve saved money by not being out as this week was meant to be thursday night out aswell. *sigh* It’ll be back to normal next week :D!

I’m in bed now with several windows open on Firefox because I don’t know what to settle on doing. I’ve got so much energy for someone that needs to finish getting fully better in bed. I’m bouncing off walls (not literally because ironically I can’t be bothered… also you don’t bounce off walls….) ARGHHH I just have so much energy yet I’m sleepy because it’s gone midnight and I’ve had a busy day of nothing.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah!!

Tomorrow’s plans are good! Tomorrow I’m doing stuff! Meeting my bestie for lunch at a Wetherspoons which makes me happy because I looooove Wetherspoons. Also I’ll have a little drinky drinky because I deserve one 😛 Think I’ll have pasta carbonara… It’s good from there! Might get something new though! If I was there right now though I’d have the carbonara because I’m now craving it since talking about it. Waaah. Then I’m going to someone’s house to watch lots of Big Bang Theory (FAAAAAVOURITE TV SHOW) and eat cool original doritos.

I’m quite looking forward to tomorrow. I need to socialise!!

I should sleep now so that all the good stuff comes quicker :D!….. *snooze*


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