Deep deep deep thoughts!

It’s really frustrating when people get involved with this break-up. It’s been 2 months today since I got back from Portugal which means it’s been almost 2 months since I first broke up with my ex. It then became on and off for around a week. It’s completely over now and for a while I had been asking for my stuff back and I eventually got it back on saturday. He gave me a couple of DVD boxes without the DVD’s in so I texted him to let him know to which he replied ‘fine, I’ll have them ready for you to pick up.’ so I said ok.

He then texted me a minute or two later asking for my postcode so he could get replacements mailed to me so I didn’t have to see him again. I was quite shocked at that but obviously I’m not going to refuse brand new DVDs am I.

My best friend then showed me a facebook status he decided to post about never having to deal with me again being ‘fucking priceless.’ I decided to screw all attempts of being civil anymore and proceeded to have an argument through texts.

Back to the facebook status… up until the point I read that status, I had tried my very best to stay civil. Even when he was giving me shit and throwing things back in my face from the past 3 years, I decided to not throw things at him to hurt him. I didn’t bad mouth him to people and I didn’t make people take sides or try to get other’s involved in the break-up. I was willing to accept if any of his friends turned against me even though I didn’t want any of my friends to do that to him. I absolutely took the adult approach to it. When I asked for my stuff he said he would bring it to my best friends (because she lives quite close to him) but it hadn’t happened after a week so I texted him again and he said he had forgot but would do it… another week went by with no contact so I asked him a third time to which he said he had forgotton again but he would do it within the week this time. So when this week had passed I asked him again and that’s when it came about that I got it back that day. So, even reading this you hopefully see that I was being reasonable. Leaving him alone but just texting him after another week had passed because afterall, it is my stuff.

I saw that a couple of our mutual friends had ‘liked’ the facebook status and I felt really annoyed that they had liked it because it’s quite embarrassing for someone to put that about me. It makes out like I did so much bad stuff to him when in actual fact, I left him the hell alone. I felt quite betrayed by the people because they were two-faced about it. If they told me outright that they weren’t happy that I broke up with him etc. then I would understand. But by making out that they don’t want to get involve and then ‘liking’ a status that they don’t think I can see anymore is harsh. Why do they have to be two-faced? I’m not a scary person at all so I don’t see why they would have an issue with telling me.

When I first broke up with ‘A’, I really wanted to stay friends and didn’t want to lose the closeness we had. But I guess I was naive. I thought it’d be awkward for a while, while he got over me but I didn’t think it’d end like this. I really didn’t think he would turn into an absolute arsehole with no regards for me anymore when I tried so hard to not hurt him. It’s like he expected me to stay with him even if I was unhappy, just so it didn’t hurt him. Which clearly wasn’t going to happen because I’ve changed and I realised I was happier without him.

I’m so glad I broke up with him and it is a real shame he had to turn against me but if that’s what he needs to do to get over me then so be it. But I certainly am not going to be around when he decides he’s ok. He’s definately ruined that.

Rant rant rant blah blah blah!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pete Howorth
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 00:42:13

    *hug* Men are bastards, or so I’m told.

    Best thing to do is just cut him out of your life completely, that’s what I did when that bitch of an ex of mine broke up with me by text message, I blocked her and her stupid friends off my Facebook. Now it’s like they never existed.


    • joelyroely
      Jun 20, 2012 @ 00:55:28

      Some are… I never thought he was one but he turned. Meh.

      It’s not difficult to cut him out when I’ve got plenty of things to keep occupied with these days. 🙂


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