I’m back

So I think I’m going to start blogging again. Not my review site, just this personal blog. A few things have happened so far this year and I’m going away soon so it’d be nice to start blogging and continue it on my travels šŸ™‚

So! An update on my life!

Biggest thing is that I’m no longer with my boyfriend. I broke up with him after being together for nearly 3 years. It was difficult to do the actual breaking up but once it was done, I just felt relief.

I realised over a couple of months that he wasn’t really making an effort anymore, nor was he bothered about spending time together alone unless it was leading to ‘things’. I became too insignificant to him and after many arguments and talks and I even went away for a week and really thought it’d be better when I returned, I dreaded coming back and when he told me how much he missed me and I felt nothing similar, I decided it was time to end things.

I’m not heartless, believe me, I had thought about it for a couple of months and I’d already had my hurt before we broke up. I prepared myself for it and after the amount of times he said he’d change and nothing happened I realised nothing ever will change.

So that’s that done.

Next biggest thing that happened was Portugal! PORTUGALLLLLL

I went mid-April for a week with my best friend. We booked it a month before and for flights, transfers and hotel for a week it cost us Ā£170 each. Pretty good deal! The build up was beyond exciting and we couldn’t wait to get there! The whole week was amazing. I hadn’t been that happy in a long time. Going out each day and only having to worry about my own happiness was great and not having to tip-toe around anyone. Jeeez I was content. We went out every night and got drunk, you might shake your head but it was amazing. I had the best time and I did nothing I regret. My friend hit her peak on the first night after we tried to do a pub crawl but was too drunk after the 3rd bar due to numerous free shots and cocktails as well as buying our own drinks haha. We got back to the room at a pathetic 1am and she decided to call her parents and share with them the fact that she had just peed in a toilet while I peed in a bidet next to her xD Epic bonding! She fell asleep eventually but woke up to vomit a couple of times. I have a fear of vomit so I covered my ears and spoke to myself so I couldn’t hear her. hahaha.

A few other nights were fairly insignificant but one of the nights, night number 5 was when I hit my peak. I got insanely drunk, tried giving a barman a “hand and arm massage because I do them at college and I’m really good” and when my friend found me I was too drunk to walk to the taxi rank that we visited each night. She hailed one outside the bar and we went back to the hotel. I got to the room, tied my hair back and vomitted into the kitchen sink (too much information I’m guessing hahaha). I spent a while throwing up the numerous vodka lemonades of the night which is a shame because that’s a waste of money lol. Along with my fear I have to have a bottle of water, my hair tied back and I need to be cold to the point of shivering. So my friend was lay in bed with several layers of blankets and sheets so she didn’t freeze to death while I happily shivered in my bed and then proceeded to repeat “I’m so….. cold” until she turned off the air-con. Ahhh I must be the most annoyingly horrible drunk when I’m sick. Eurgh.

We enjoyed the holiday insane amounts and planned to get a tattoo on our last day if we were still happy with the holiday. The last day came and we woke up really quiet, we ate breakfast quietly and decided to take a walk to the Old Town to see if we could find a decent tattooist. We were really down because the best time of our lives was almost over. We eventually found a tattooist and got our tattoos šŸ˜›

It says ‘Albufeira ’12’ which is the name of the place in Portugal that we stayed. Again, you might shake your head but tattoos mean a lot to me and I never want to forget the memories that came with that holiday and everytime I look at that tattoo I’ll remember and smile. It’s also more relevant now because 4 days after we got back from Portugal, we booked to go back again in July. At first we booked it for 6 nights and more recently we’ve extended the booking from 21st July until 26th August and we so far have no return flight. If we find jobs out there then we want to stay longer but if we don’t then we get another month in the place that made us both so happy the first time. So that tattoo is a memory of more than 1/12th of the year 2012 and that makes me pretty happy.

Coming back to England was pretty sucky and I was insanely down for the first couple of days, I spent all my time looking at jobs out there. Then we rebooked and I felt back to my normal self because I knew I’d be going back. Ah Portugal ā¤

Another aspect of my life is my driving lessons! I had my test last month and failed šŸ˜¦ But it was just on my bay park… One of my tyres was slightly out so it was an instant fail. However on the rest of my test I only got 3 faults (out of a possible 14) so I’m pretty happy with that. Although it was a fail lol. I am booked in again and my test is a week tomorrow so please wish me luck and hopefully this time I’ll do it! If not, I’m not sure what I’ll do because I’m leaving in just over a month and tests are pretty hard to get at the moment. It’s around a 7 or 8 week wait.

I’ve nearly completed my beauty therapy course which is great and I just took my maths and english GCSE exams so hopefully I’ll do alright on them. I’m expecting GREAT things for my English GCSE but not my maths. Just want a C for maths. I want an A for english!

I’m not sure of anything else in my life at the moment. But that’s the mega updates and now I can just blog about present life šŸ™‚

Life’s going pretty good now :)!


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