There was a dress in Christmas 2010 that I wanted so badly but due to a genuine mistake I didn’t get it before it sold out in the Jane Norman where I live, so I went to Meadowhall which is 2 hours away to look for it in there but I couldn’t find it. So little old heartbroken me went back to her dress-less life (i actually got a really nice substitute).

However I just couldn’t let it go 😉 I look most weeks on Ebay and a while ago it was listed but someone outbid me at the last hour.

On my usual search today I was so insanely happy when I saw my dress. In my size. Weeeeee. I asked my boyfriend if I can have it for my birthday (next month) so we’re gunna try to bid on it so I get it. I will be ecstatic if I get that damn dress. It’ll be my lucky dress! Forever. Eeeeek.


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  1. Pete Howorth
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 23:49:21

    Meadowhall! REALLY?! I live 20 minutes away from there and I havent been for over a year! Meadowhell more like!


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