Wowa woooah!

First week back at college and it’s already stressing me out. *sigh* Well at least it’s over now.

Gunna talk about happier things!

I’ve got my driving theory test on Wednesday 11th. I just did a mock test tonight and on the theory section I was 1 mark from a pass 😦 On hazard perception I got a good pass mark for it. Overall though if that was the real thing, I would have failed… but it wasn’t! So I’m doing lots of revising over the next couple of days and doing 4 more mock tests and hopefully I’ll be passing them all from now on :)!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, I really can’t afford to fail lol.

Driving in general seems to be going really good for me right now. I love it. Lots. However, there’s still a lot for me to learn!

More happy stuff… got my money from college through today, happy days I’m not skint anymore! This makes me very happy. Just back to plodding along but going to try to save this time. It’s my birthday in a month and a half 😀 This is also happy stuff!

College is stressful at the moment. Tutors keep lying to us about what exams are mandatory and about different pass rates. I’m doing fine in mine so I’m not worrying but it’s frustrating that they’re supposed to be treating us like adults yet they’re lying to us about simple, unnecessary things :/

My life feels a bit hectic at the moment. I’m between my house and my boyfriend’s house so I’m not settled anywhere. I’ve now got THREE drawers at his house, yep, THREE. And he’s getting a new double bed and I’m bringing one of my many cushions to place on it. I’ve decided to start giving his mum some money too because I’m there so much and she does a lot for me. So pretty much paying board too but I’m happy to. I can afford it because I’m not giving her tons but I’m putting a little towards the money she spends on food and electricity and water. I’d pay more if I could afford it but right now I can’t.

Lots going on for me right now and writing on here feels nice, like an outlet. Sort of like a diary at the moment. It’s nice.



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