Been so busy

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I had a great Christmas Day but then came back home for Boxing Day which wasn’t anywhere near as good. Then back to my boyfriend’s house the day after which was good again. Spent the past few days going back and forth between mine and my boyfriend’s house and tonight is mine. Tomorrow is mine too then New Year’s Day at his.

He just got an apprenticeship too which is great news but now I’m trying to spend lots of time with him so that it won’t suck so much that he’ll be working everyday of the week since he’s going to try to keep his part time job for the weekends. So we won’t see each other anywhere near as much as before. But it’s all good.

For the first Christmas ever I let myself eat whatever I want without worrying. For the week running up to Xmas and this week too, I’ve just stuffed my face most days. It’s felt so nice not to worry and I’ve forced myself to not get down at my tiny belly that has appeared because I know that when I get back into my college routine that it’ll all work out again. I won’t weigh myself because it’ll get me down. I’ll just leave my body alone and allow myself to properly enjoy Christmas. And it really has been great. Whenever people eat I’ve let myself eat too and if I’m still hungry I’ll get some more. I’ve had double helpings of mash (LOVE mash!) and more pigs in blankets than I could handle. The chocolates, wow, nom! I love it. I think I’ll do it next Christmas too. Just have fun.

I’m sort of looking forward to what 2012 will bring for me. Hopefully my life is beginning to turn around and I’m coping with things a lot better. 2011 didn’t do too well for me since my relationship with my dad hit rock bottom and lower so many times. But I’m trying to stop stressing so much because it never helps matters.

So tomorrow night I’m going out to a club for NYE. I have always wanted to see the atmosphere in a massive place for NYE and this year it’s happening. I bought my ticket (£7.70 online rather than a tenner on the door) and I’m going. I’m going to smooch my boyfriend at midnight then smooch some more. Then sleep. Then I’ll let the stress of college begin again.

See ya later 2011.


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  1. konica
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 19:29:49

    hi im konica… your posts are amazing you are a creative writter.. keep up the good work and feel free to explore mine at and share your views.”happy new year” to you and your family..


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