I sent a text to my boyfriend’s mum earlier this morning about a present I was thinking of getting for him. Just now I went to send a text to my boyfriend and on the same screen was the text I sent to his mum… well I thought I sent it to his mum!

I sent a text about his own Christmas present to him! I’m so annoyed!!!

I find it so hard to keep presents a secret and this year I’ve done so well. I’ve only told him about one little one. So now I’ve ruined what was going to be his most expensive present. ARGGGGGG!

Well after all that I forwarded the text to the person it was originally intended for and she said it’s a good idea 🙂 So I’m getting him one but I’m so pissed off that it’s a surprise ruined :(! Wish there was some way to erase a text before they can read them… but he’s at college so I can’t even snatch his phone away and delete it. Fuck fuck fuck!


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