I fancy doing a post on the best a worst bits of my year. I’ll do it month-by-month to try to jog my memory.


High: Don’t remember any highs

Low: A-level exams that went rubbish and generally just low.


High: Getting back together with Adam, Valentine’s Day, my two birthday nights out. New tattoo and piercing.

Low: Breaking up with Adam for a day (but we didn’t think it’d just be for a day)


High: Went to see Jezza Kyle with college,

Low: Being pretty ill for two weeks. Finding out exam results.


High: When my dad booked the flights!

Low: My dad still hadn’t booked my flights to Australia so I was really stressed out.


High: Doing my first 10km run in Manchester in 1 hour and 8 mins. Felt amazing.

Low: Finding out I’d missed S Club performing where I live but I missed them!


High: Finishing my last exam at a college I hate. Going to Australia to see my mum! Discovering Big Bang Theory. The best TV show I know 😀

Low: Having exams at a college I hate.


High: Going to Hard Rock Cafe for my brother’s birthday and getting to spend a few hours with my brother just me and him.

Low: Saying bye to my mum again for I don’t know how long. Having non-stop arguements with my dad when I was supposed to be having a good holiday.


High: Getting back to my boyfriend. Had two days in York with him. Getting my A-level results.

Low: Leaving the country that my mum and brother live in. Missing one flight from Singapore to Manchester and having another gabillion arguments with my dad in the airport.


High: Starting a new college course at a new college and starting two blogs. Two year anniversary.

Low: More arguments with my dad.


High: My dad went away for a week. Hull fair. Had 3 course lunch with Adam for 8p at Chiquitos.

Low: Took out my facial piercings because I was too bothered about what other people thought.


High: Christmas shopping. Discovered my new favourite film ‘Beastly’. Started driving!

Low: Spent a few days at my grandparents house, was looking forward to it but it didn’t work out how I thought and I felt uncomfortable the whole time and couldn’t wait to get home.


High: At a great point of my relationship at the moment. Great zombie night out.

Low: Low on money this month.


So that’s my year in highs and lows. I’m really looking forward to Christmas with Adam and shopping in the sales haha. I will also be setting up my website for my reviewing over Christmas to hopefully be announced in the New Year.

Not sure what I think to 2011. It’s definately been the most up and down year of my life. A lot has changed. More so than ever. I just hope 2012 is a little more kind to me. Looking forward to turning 20 too.


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