Was supposed to be staying at my boyfriend’s house tonight but after a late night last night I’m struggling to find the motivation to move out of bed. I actually just HAD to get up to pee because I had been doing a bed dance for the past hour in the hope the need would go away, but it didn’t. Now I’m back in bed and I reeeeeally am cosy. So I texted the other half to ask if he wanted to stay here again instead. Didn’t know when he’d be able to text back as he is currently work but WIN, he texted back a few minutes later saying yes. So now I can stay in bed and watch the hours go by until he finishes work… crawl out of bed, dragging my quilt down with me, to let him in then waddle to the sofa and veg out watching X-factor and other rubbish all night.

Well, by all night I mean I’ll likely be falling asleep before the end of X-factor so it’ll be an early night for me.

I cannot function on less than 8 hours sleep. Preferably 9. Otherwise I cry a lot and fail at life. So staying in bed/on the sofa for the rest of my day sounds perfect!

…. Except I told o/h that I’d make him pasta for tea. Dammit. Well I can put it in the microwave while I grate cheese and look for other random stuff to put in with it (it’ll probably just be cheese).


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  1. Pete Howorth
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 10:12:26

    Misha B got eliminated apparently, good I hated the dirty moo.

    I love lazy Sunday’s, I’ve had a lazy weekend, havent even gotten dressed! Been watching Bones all day :/


  2. joelyroely
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 17:11:25

    Yeah I’m glad she’s out. I’m pretty happy with the final three. Except I’m at a house party when the final is on! :(! I might have to cancel šŸ˜‰ Nah… I’ll just ask her to put it on in the background for anyone who wants to watch it. Then at about 9:30 I’ll watch it hahah.

    I don’t have proper lazy weekends anymore. I’m always up and about doing something. But it was quite nice to barely move all day.


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