Hai guyssss!

I had a really great night last night, at a house party dressed as a zombie. Normally when I dress up for Halloween I must admit I don’t dress in much. But I always do blood πŸ˜› Just not always the most ‘scary’ outfit. So this time I decided to get really into it. I was a zombie businesswoman as this was the cheapest option I could come up with. Damn I looked epic!

I got a shirt for Β£6 from Primarni, a pencil skirt also for Β£6 also from Primarni πŸ˜‰ And I found some tights in my drawers. I cut up the shirt and skirt and made the shirt look dirty and bloody. Then I only cut up the tights when I put the whole outfit together because try putting tights on with TONS of holes in… it’s too difficult. But because I decided to cut tights whilst wearing them I ended up with a few real cuts whoopsie!

Then all the fake blood and makeup happened. Weeeeee. It turned out looking pretty ace. My boyfriend was the male equivalent of me and I did his makeup and blood too. We were a pretty awesome zombie couple πŸ˜‰

I’m waiting for my friend to upload the photos to f/book then I’ll add a couple to here to show you my epic-ness πŸ˜›

I’ve not had a night out that good since forever. I don’t even think my birthday night out in February was that good. I’m definately in a happier place now too which helps!



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