So in my two assessments I got merit. Which I should be happy with because its better than a pass. Except im not happy with because I wanted a distinction.

It’s slightly reassuring that for facial I was two marks away from a distinction.
But with manicure I only just got a merit. I know I did better than what she graded me. I definately know it.
I might sound sour but for the first time in so long I’ve tried so hard and worked my bum off and got my hopes up. And it didnt go how it should have gone.

Heard a rumour yesterday that the tutors didnt want to give out any distinctions because its too early.
But if we’re good enough then it should be available!

So I had a bit of a rubbish time at college this week. Next week we have pedicure assessment so I’ll practise pedicures this week. Im going to try to persuade my dad to buy me the pedicure kit so I have the stuff to practise with. Hopefully he will otherwise I probably wont even get a merit this time :/

Bummer. Well at least its december. Eeeek!


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  1. darkjade68
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 16:54:40

    Tough to be at the Mercy of a Not So Great Teacher…

    Good luck with the Pedicure



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