Practise practise practise!

Yesterday I did a manicure for my boyfriend’s mum.

Today I gave my boyfriend’s gran a manicure, gave his mum a facial including a face and neck massage and I tinted her eyelashes. I also tinted my own eyelashes. It was insanely easy which is good because I think I’m addicted to having my lashes so dark these days without having to use mascara. Woot woot!

I’m quite impressed with the stuff I did today. I also bought cuticle remover, a manicure bowl, blue-black and brown tint, tint developer, couch roll and sweet almond oil.

Busy but good weekend. Driving tomorrow morning as usual! Then I’ll be home on the evening and I’ll paint my nails probably, since yesterday I was messing around and testing colours out and I have a right hand with bright pink. Then my left hand consists of purple, gold purple two-tone AWESOMENESS, icy blue, icy-bluey-goldy-purply and then on my thumb I’ve got purply-goldy but it’s a different purple than the other purpley-goldy colour. hahaha.

Oooooh I also ordered nail art brushes off Ebay last week so hopefully I should get them soon then I can start practising nail art more. This makes me happyyyy.

I haven’t done any theory work this weekend though which isn’t too good. Although I’ve got tomorrow afternoon and evening. Then I have wednesday morning. Then back at college again for another busy 2 days. Sheeesh!


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