I got my driving lesson in! My instructor fitted me in on wednesday and wowza it was a good lesson!

I went on a real-life roundabout! Came in and out of real-life junctions! and got cut off by a real-life arsehole taxi driver!

I also drove myself back to my boyfriend’s house. It’s the first time I’ve done that! I didn’t even realise I was doing it until I pulled onto his street. The instructor was directing me. Got really giddy when I realised what I was doing πŸ˜€

Ahh I really love driving!

Tidied up my room a lot today. On one of the few days I’m actually at home. Need to get some more stuff on ebay. I’ve bought some Xmas presents today. So happy I’m gunna be able to afford some stuff now πŸ˜€ I didn’t think I was going to until this time last week. It’s such a relief. Especially when the college put money in as back payments! So i got a lump sum and now it’s all mostly gone as I’ve bought a chunk of Xmas presents and happily paid back my boyfriend the money he’s been kindly lending me. It feels good!

I’m going to be able to afford my phone contract this month too! Woop woop!

Money isn’t everything but it’s sure as hell made me feel better for now! I need to start saving now so that I can move out. I don’t even want to be home for 2 nights a week. Come on Xmas…. make my palms itch and give me what I need!


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