Can’t move.

I need to set off in about half an hour to go to college but I just can’t be bothered to move.

How good am I? I’m going in on my day off to do 2 hours of work. I don’t have homework nor do I need to catch up on anything. I’m just going in for 2 hours to get AHEAD. Go me! *quiet woops*

I don’t have my ipod charged so I won’t be listening to tunage so hopefully there won’t be many annoying noisy people in the library so I can get into an epic study groove!

ALSO I need ideas for an undead themed party I’m going to in a month and a half. I have NO money to buy anything extra with so everything needs to be done with the makeup I own (i have a lot so no worries about that). I have a devil outfit but it’s not really undead. Turns out people are going just randomly as stuff but I want to be a little in theme at least 😦

I wish I could afford a ladybird outfit. I could be an undead ladybird. Seriously I want that. 😦

Do devils have issues with blood? I want lots of fakeblood 😦 I keep getting devil and vampire mixed up. This will get annoying.

So yeah, any ideas would be great! Thaaaanks.


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