Call Blog-line

Ok, so I’ve been neglecting this blog in favour of my other. Maybe not the best idea.

It’s not like I’ve got nothing on. I have plenty going on. I have a busy life.

Monday night I had 2 of my best friends round and we got drunk and played monopoly.

Last night I had a girly night with takeaway.

Tonight I’m going to Hull Fair for the 2nd and last time to get 5 for £1 donuts and candy floss.

Tomorrow I’m at college then going for a meal with my boyfriend and his family.

Friday I’m at college.

Over the weekend I’ll be staying at my boyfriend’s house and giving his mum a facial and hopefully do her nails. I might have other stuff to practise since I will be learning more new stuff this week at college.


I’ve had a cold this week so I’ve been feeling sorry for myself.

See, so I do have a lot going on so I have plenty to blog about. So I’m sorry dearest blog. I’ll return to you and make it up to you.


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