Wanna buy a wii?

Been trying to sell my Nintendo Wii for a little bit. Today I asked a random friend of a friend if he wanted to buy a wii… just as a convosation starter and he actually does want one! How ace is that?!

Pretty impressed with that lol. Hopefully gunna be sold in the next week or so now. Yay!

Hull fair is starting to be set up! Was walking with my bestie (Kyle) today and we went past where it is placed each year and some of the rides are beginning to appear on the backs of trucks and stuff.

It starts at the end of next week. Pretty excited as it seems I’m going with quite a few people this time! I don’t go on the rides. Well I go on the bumper cars but I’m not sure if that counts as a ride. I go on hook-a-duck as a tradition as I have done every year since I can remember (minus the years I couldn’t attend due to living on the other side of the world). I love the food from Hull Fair. Brandy snap, chips, candy floss. Mmmmmm!

Wrapping up warm for Hull Fair and walking down Walton Street with a bag of candy floss in one hand and some chips in another and brandy snap too. Some years a hot chocolate is needed but the way the weather is going this week I don’t even know if i’d be wrapping up! Eeeep!


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